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We can supply you with case studies and references for all our work. Some examples from our Business Strategy and Marketing division include:

  • At Gleneagles Hotel we have supplied marketing and software systems and services for many years since 2002.
  • For Equitable Life Members Action Groupin, we supply database marketing software for use in house
  • For Dukeshill, a leading quality supplier of food by mail order, we have been supplying database marketing software, analysis, and strategy advice since 2004.
  • For a real estate development in the Lake District we provide marketing consultancy and cloud software to run their holiday lettings and property management company
  • For Farm Cottage Brands, a leading country pursuits retail business, we provide business strategy and marketing consultancy and the software systems to run inventory, sales, orders, customer services and database marketing processes.

Case Studies from our Behaviour Change division include the following:

  • At RS Components we worked as part of the team involved with improving the Safety Leadership in their European distribution operation
  • We work with the National Specialist Contractors Council to deliver multi-workshop Better Business Skills courses to raise the standards of business management in their members
  • At Autoglass we delivered a behavioural diagnostic report in their contact centre to identify the issues impacting the sales and service centre to help streamline the operation

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