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We work as partners in your business to help you grow and reach your aims.

You need to have a sound idea of where you want your business to go. We can help develop this and ensure that it is sensible and realistic by providing intelligent entrepreneurial advice. Importantly, this is as much about what to avoid, as well as what to do.

This plan then drives what you do from marketing and staff to premises and finance.

Our Marketing Strategy and Implementation puts you in a position to generate the orders – our Behavioural Change division ensures that you have the best people properly trained to deliver the performance you want.

Examples of our work include:

For an international B2B manufacturing and sales operation
The Board wished to develop an on-line retail operation but had no experience of this area at all. From manufacturing to order with relatively long delivery times and bespoke products, the new business would be completely different.

We were brought in to develop the brand and a recognisable product family, define the company values, provide an Operations Manual, write the Marketing Strategy and Plan, recommend IT solutions and then help implement them. We also defined the reporting and analysis requirements to allow the business to have a controlled and profitable growth. We are closely involved with the staff running the business on a day to day basis providing mentoring, advice and knowledge transfer to allow the business to get going and grow sustainably.

For a leisure operation in the Lake District
The hands-on owner had died and the family did not wish to own the business long term. We were part of a team brought in to make the business fit to sell for the most money.

We helped develop the Business and Marketing Strategy and then write and implemented a new Management Information system to keep a close track on revenues and costs - and the analysis to see what was working and what was not. We then helped build the business up to the point where it could start to be sold, the decision was made to break it up and sell in parts to maximise the value. Three years after being taken on, the last part was sold and the family were very happy.

For an on-line food retailer
We have been closely involved with this company since the Owner decided that it was time to grow the business. Our role is to help develop and implement the Marketing Strategy to give ongoing increasing profitable sales. We manage the Database Marketing and work closely with the MD and marketing team in continually refining and implementing the strategy

The result is a business that has grown every year for over 10 years.

For a Boutique Hotel
The hands-on owner wished to exit the business. Although the business was successful, there was not a clear plan and management information in place to help guide the business towards a sale. We worked closely with the management team to define the Business and Marketing Strategy. We were then closed involved with the Database Marketing and analysis to find out where the business was making money and how to use the marketing budget effectively.

We were able to help ensure a successful sale of the business.

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